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Payment Plans

Making college payments flexible! The monthly payment plan enables students or their authorized users to pay current Fall and Spring semester enrollment and mandatory fees in installment payments per semester.  The plan offers great benefits by spreading your tuition payments over a period of time with interest-free monthly installments, while maintaining enrollment in your courses, as long as your payment plan schedule is current on all payments.

Students are advised to review the potential cost of their total bills (review 2019-2020 Cost of Attendance) as well as explore all financial aid opportunities prior to enrolling and possible payment plan registration. 

∴  Enrollment in a payment plan is restricted to students registered with a balance of $276 or greater for a specific semester.


∴  Plan Enrollment Fee = Non-refundable setup fee of $25 is due at the time of enrollment in each semester payment plan. 


∴  Payments towards a Payment Plan Balance are ONLY accepted thru the Pipeline/Nelnet Portal.  No payments will be accepted at the Cashier's Office window.  


Summer P Monthly Payment Plan

Sign Up
Enrollment &
Mandatory Fees
Down Payment
05/20/19    $25 + 20% June, July, Aug, Sept
06/20/19    $25 + 25% July, Aug, Sept


   $25 + 33% Aug, Sept


   $25 + 50% Sept

As of 08/21/19, Fall 2019 Payment Plan Sign Up is Closed

Important Considerations

  1. The monthly payment plan setup fee of $25 is non-refundable.
  2. The monthly payment plan is interest-free.
  3. Only one payment plan allowed per semester.
  4. Payments accepted: direct debits from your bank account (checking/saving), credit card account (MasterCard or Visa) or your pre-paid debit card (MasterCard or Visa) 
  5. Monthly payment plan payments automatically withdraw from your saved payment method each month.
  6. A failed attempt/returned payment (i.e. Insufficient funds), is a fee of $30. 
  7. Plan will be canceled following two attempts at making payment. 
  8. Failure to make payment may result in immediate drop of ALL classes for the semester for non-payment of fees, when instruction has not begun.

Registering for a Plan

  1. Log in to your Pipeline portal
  2. Register for Classes
  3. Go to STUDENT tab
  6. Follow the prompts on Nelnet Portal, making sure to complete all required fields are completed.
  7. Review Terms and Conditions of the payment plan, at the end of the application.  Read carefully and fully before submitting the application.
  8. Check the box at the end to accept Terms & Conditions before submitted the online application. 

You can also view our Powerpoint Tutorial on Enrolling in a Payment Plan (PDF) or watch the Video Tutorial.

Making Payments to a Plan

Participants may update their payment method at any time on their Pipeline⇒ Nelnet Portal.To have your new payment method used for your upcoming payment, the update must be made 48 hours prior to your next scheduled monthly payment. If a payment method is not updated to these remaining installments, it will automatically process against your old payment method.  

Automatic Plan Recalculations

Your student account balance may increase or decrease depending on the account activity, such as adding new classes, dropping classes, receiving a financial aid award, etc.  Your payment plan has been designed to automatically recalculate and adjust your upcoming monthly payments based on your activity.  When this happens, the student will receive an automated email specifying the new plan amount.

Adding Authorized Users 

Students may designate an authorized user to access their payment plan. Authorized users will access the student account directly through the Nelnet Authorized User Access; students retain full control and privacy to their pipeline portal at all times.  A student's course registration and other student account detail are not visible on the Nelnet site.  Authorized users will only have access to total student plan balance and have the ability to update payment methods, and other details necessary for managing the payment plan. 

To designate an authorized payer, select "Want to designate another payer?" in the upper right hand corner.  This can be added, updated or removed at any time while the payment plan is active. Notify the authorized payer and allow plenty of time for the payer to complete their setup process.

Plan Administrator

This plan is administered by Nelnet Business Solutions only. For any questions or concerns regarding the Nelnet portal, scheduled payments, setup fees, failed payment attempts, etc, please contact Nelnet directly at 1-800-609-8056. Santa Barbara City College personnel will not be able to give assistance for Nelnet portal questions/concerns.

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