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I'm Admitted...Now What?

Congratulations on being admitted! Your hard work has paid off.  Each university will provide you with specific instructions about your next steps. Most universities require students to submit a document that formally accepts the offer of admission made by the university. For example, UC campuses call this form the Statement of Intent to Register. There will also be additional forms that you have to submit. Meet all deadlines to secure your place at the university.

I've been admitted but I don't want to attend the university. That's easy. You do not have to do anything if you don't want to attend the university.

I've been admitted by the university I want to attend. Accept the offer of admission as soon as possible and submit all documents by the stated deadlines.

I've been admitted to multiple universities and I can't decide which one is best for me. Usually when we are having a difficult time making a decision it’s because of one or more of the following: I don’t have enough information; I don’t have adequate experience; or I don’t trust myself to make a good decision. Think about which area or areas (Information, Experience, Trust Myself) are contributing to your challenge with making a final decision. Create your personalized Action Plans by clicking on the links.

Information Action Plan

Experience Action Plan    

Trust Yourself Action Plan 

You can also use the Making the Final Decision Process Worksheet to assist you in your decision making process. 


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