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  • HEALTH FEE: Effective Fall 2018, Health Fee is a mandatory fee for all registered students, regardless of campus location (including online courses).  See the All Fees - Explained  link, below, for more information.

What We Do

The Cashier's Office seeks to provide quality service in an efficient, professional and timely manner to Santa Barbara City College students, faculty, staff and others who make up the campus community in accordance with our mission to provide a diverse learning environment that inspires curiosity and discovery, promotes global responsibility and fosters opportunity for all.   

At the Cashier's Office, we collect, accurately record and deposit all monies due to SBCC.  We assist our customers in interpreting their student bill and managing their account balances.

  Visit Us: Student Services Building, SS-150

Student Services Building

or EMAIL Us:

Please include your student identification number (K#) in your email

Email communications should be sent by, and will be responded to, the student's pipeline email account.  Communications received by a personal, unsecured email address may not be addressed. 

Student Finance Staff

Located at Student Services Building, Room SS-150

Brittany Herrera
Accounting Technician III
Parking Citations Payments
Trust Deposits

Sandy Ly
Accounting Technician III 
Student Refunds

Ana Carter
Accounting Technician III
Third Partying Billings
Retiree Health Benefits Billings
Childcare Billing for Orfalea Early Learning Center

Located at Administration Building, Room A-130

Nicole Hubert
Student Finance Manager

CampusCard Administration is now located in the Office of Student Life, or by phone 805-730-4091.

Trust and Auxiliary Accounts Payable is located in the Accounting Offices and are now managed by the Accounts Payable team: Carlene Barrows and Robin Renee Collins.

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