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The following forms are provided for your convenience. They may be downloaded and printed. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to utilize these forms. All of the listed forms are also available through their respective campus offices.

Academic Counseling
Admissions & Records
Assessment Center
Cashier's Office
Financial Aid
Transfer Center

For Prerequisite challenge information, forms, and deadlines, go to

For Information Competency (Area F) information and forms, go to

Academic Counseling

Application for Degree or Certificate of Achievement
Once you have determined your eligibility for a degree or certificate by using DegreeWorks or by consulting an academic counselor, you can use this form to apply for your degree or certificate.

Substitution/Waiver Petition of Graduation Requirements
Request a substitution or waiver for one or more classes required for graduation if you feel you have satisfied the requirements in another class or by other means. Note: This form is not used for transcript evaluation or prerequisite clearance. See the Transcript Evaluation Office for more information. 


Admissions and Records

AB540(pdf) Nonresident Tuition Exemption 

Academic Renewal Petition(pdf) | Online Form (temporarily unavailable) 

Admissions Application Corrections Form(pdf) | Online Form (temporarily unavailable)

Allow Time Conflicts Petition(pdf)

Authorization for Release of Information to Parents(pdf)
See Enrollment Verifications for more information.

Authorization For Release Of Information to a Third Party(pdf)
 See Enrollment Verifications for more information.

Course Repetition in Excess of Maximum Allowable Enrollments Petition(pdf)

Course Repetition to Repeat a Course Previously Completed With a Grade of C or Better Petition (pdf)

Diploma Replacement & Duplicate Request(pdf)

Diploma Mailing Request(pdf)
See Diplomas for more information. If you have not applied for and/or have not been awarded an Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement, go to Degree Applications.

Late Add Petition(pdf)  Online Form | Online Form Instructions

Loss of Enrollment Priorities Appeal(pdf)

Military Withdrawal Notification(pdf)  

Pass/No Pass Petition(pdf) | Online Form | Online Form Instructions 

Prerequisite Clearance Form A - Online Form | Online Form InstructionsPDF Form A 

Prerequisite Clearance Form B - Online Form | Online Form InstructionsPDF Form B

Register in a Course with 3 Previously Recorded Withdrawals Petition(pdf) 

Reinstate Catalog Rights Petition(pdf)

Student Data Change(pdf)
Correct or Add: a preferred first name; update your legal name on your academic records, Social Security number (copy of actual card must be attached), birth date, educational goal, or transfer plans. (NOTE: adding a preferred first name to your records will display on your campus ID card and on course rosters).

Residency Reclassification
For residency information and forms, see Residency. 

Skills Competency Award Application(pdf)

Unofficial Transcript Request
You may print unofficial copies through your Pipeline account if you are a currently enrolled student. 

Use Of Most Recent Grade In A Repeated Course Petition(pdf)

Waiver of College Regulations Petition(pdf) 

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Assessment Center

REAP Test Preparation Form 

Alternatives to Testing Verification Form 

Request for Assessment Deferral Contract 


Cashier's Office

Petition for Waiver of Mandatory Course Fees

Student Request For Refund
You can leave your funds in and roll them over to the next semester(s) or you can use this form to request a refund for tuition/enrollment fees. REFUNDS ARE NOT AUTOMATIC. Submit the completed form in person to the Cashier's Office in the Student Services Building, by FAX to (805) 897-3576, or by mail to SBCC/Cashier's Office, 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA, 93109. Review refund policies here. Note: this form does not apply to non-credit Continuing Education classes. Visit the Continuing Ed Division for more information.


Transfer Center

IGETC Certification Application
Request certification of IGETC requirements. Note: if you have satisfied IGETC requirements at any other institution (including the foreign language requirement in high school), you must attach official transcripts reflecting this coursework to this application.

CSU GE Certification Application
Request certification of CSU GE Breadth requirements. Note: if you have satisfied CSU GE Breadth requirements at any other institution, you must attach official transcripts reflecting this coursework to this application.

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